Loving Pets (Blog)


Judith Zahra

I love animals and I am therefore going to write about them. This includes today’s pets blog for my family, friends and visitors.

I live with my Chihuahua, so I know that a dog’s loyalty to its owner knows no bounds. A dog will be there to greet its owner. It is supposed to be man’s best friend. Beyond “sit”, “stay” and “walk”, a dog can understand more words. The human communicates with his pet, so the pet can identify when its owner is upset, happy or playful and can read its owner’s mind.

Does a dog obey commands often? As an animal who obeys orders, a dog intuitively understands that its owner likes it when it obeys commands. It just obeys to please him. .

It is a pack animal, so it may become fearful when left alone. One very interesting behavior in a dog is tail wagging. If a dog is stressed, it may yawn, lick his lips and refuse eye contact. However, aggression is the most common problem. Signs of anxiety include shaking, tail tucking, escaping, biting or injuring itself and barking. The undesirable behavior exhibited by a dog between puppyhood and adolescene are medically referred to as pediatric behavior problems.

Some dogs are couch potatoes. They roll on their backs and expose their tummies to the air. It is important that a lazy lethargic dog gets its share of exercise. Some dogs prefer lying around. They love laying in the sun just as much as human do. They feel tired when they get back inside and circumnavigate their chosen sleeping spot.

An owner can watch and learn, sit back and observe his pet’s behaviors. A pet is a family member. He gives all his endless love and emotional support to his owner everyday.

Happy Kids (Blog)

By Judith Zahra

How do you raise a happy kid? Happiness is a tremendous advantage in a world that emphasizes performance. How happy you are effects how happy and successful your kid is.

Get Healthy

What makes your kid happy when eating? A simple menu can lead to a healthy, happy kid. The kid who eats healthy food is happy. Keep your kid’s belly happy with healthy snacks to pack for school and after-school. Families and friends should be happy and enjoy each other’s company during meal times.

Raise Happiness

Encourage your kid to perform small acts of kindness to build empathy. Optimism relates closely to happiness. Form happiness habits. Help your kid build lasting happiness habits. A kid who resists temptation goes on to a great life later on and will be happy. Self-discipline does not just lead to school success and sitting nicely at the dinner table but to great happiness, friends and community engagement.

Hang Out

Happiness is contagious, so we can hope that our children surround themselves with cheeful friends. They will also be very happy when they are in the midst of their own peer groups. All kids think that their peer group is about the best that God my have ever created. If your kid is happy with who he is and the choices he makes, he is less likely to be influenced by other people. Many teenagers are often happy to do just their own thing.


Smart Kids In The Neighbourhood (Blog)


By Judith Zahra (My Wife)

As a parent of one child, a former child careworker and a private tutor, I have learned a truth along the way. This involved learning the tips on how to help kids grow smart.

Do you measure your kid’s grades, the time spent in studying to achieve a particular grade, or his behavior in class? Does your kid devote time both on the playing field and in the library? Do you promote family literacy? Are you helping your kid get to sleep and learn self discipline? How do you develop the belief in your kid that hard work is essential, in a world where things come to him so easily?

Devoting time on the playing field

Being active in the playground and on the playing field helps kid perfom better in the classroom. Exercise may stimulate your kid’s brain growth, boost his attention and help him learn. Great rates of activity lead to high test scores in reading and mathematics. Frequent physical activity improves behavior in the classroom. Activities such as running, swimming or kicking a ball can all help your kid do better at school. Kids who are physically active are open to learning. Active boys and girls are more likely to pass exams. Kids reckon exercise is fun, welcome the chance to do it at school, improve their motor skills and their on-task behaviour in lessons.

Devoting time in the library

Herd your kid into the library as soon as he can toddle. He will become a great student and writer, have great vocabulary and know about the world around himself. A young kid who becomes a library user will benefit from early literacy. This will allow him to develop communication and social skills needed to be ready to learn by the time he enters school. Different skills lead to school success. Meaningful literacy activities, such as reading, singing and playing with your kid, can impact this brain development and subsequently provide him with the pre-reading skills that he will need to start school. Engaging your kid in reading improves his intellectual and emotional development and helps him acquire the pre-reading skills needed for success in school.

Promoting literacy

Raise your kid by promoting family literacy to grow up to be a great reader and do great in school. Promoting family literacy is important to future reading and school success. Shared book reading promotes literacy ability. Learn to engage children in conversation with open questions and responsive statements. Literacy counts from day one, in the classroom and beyond and lays the foundation for your kid’s success in school and life.

Getting to sleep

Sleep directly affects your child’s mood and it has got a big impact on learning and behavior. Establishing good sleep habits can help your kid be healthy, manage his moods and perform well in school. Teens who receive A’s average about fifteen more minutes sleep than the B’s students, who in turn average fifteen more minutes than the C’s. Students reporting B’s or better got 17-20 minutes more sleep on school nights and went to bed 10-20 minutes earlier than students with C’s and below.

Learning Self Discipline

It is important that your kid monitors himself when it comes to behavior and the ability to sit still, listen and follow directions. Students who exert high levels of willpower are more likely to earn high grades in their classes, have few absences, spend some time watching television and many hours on homework. Self-discipline also predicts which students would improve their grades over the course of the school year. Kids high in conscientiousness get high grades in school.

Teaching the value of hard work

Certain tips will teach your kid how to develop perseverance and determination. Praise the effort more than the accomplishment. So praise him for all the sweat and tears he puts into his mathematics homework and for how hard he works to finally catch a football. Hug a teacher for teaching your kid all the stuff you would not have the patience to teach him. Read about people like Thomas Edison who failed a thousand times to discover the light bulb or people who worked very hard.

Mdina “Silent City” (Blog)


Mdina, also known by its titles Citta’ Vecchia or Citta’ Notabile, is a fortified city in the Northern Region of Malta, which served as the island’s capital from antiquity. The city has a population of just under 300, but it is contiguous with the town of Rabat. It was the old city of Malta built during the medieval period. Then the Phoenicians and the Byzantines made further changes and improvements to the fortifications and the built up areas for people to live. During the Byzantine occupation of Malta, the city adopted its present name which derives from the Arabic word medina. Then the ruling Arabs further fortified the city until the arrival of the Knights of Malta. The Order of St. John arrived in 1530. The Knights of Malta left their mark in building places and fortifications too. Birgu became the administrative centre of the island. Mdina experienced a period of decline. It centred the Maltese nobility and religious authorities, giving rise to the popular nickname the “Silent City” by both locals and visitors. It is now one of the main tourist attractions in Malta.

In the centre you will find a large typical Maltese square with an imposing cathedral dedicated to St. Paul. St. Paul’s Cathedral structure with the imposing dome dominates the city’s landscape. Due to its high location, the cathedral can be observed from far away and even more is its red dome. The defenders had a very wide view of the land. From the top of the bastions they could see enemy ships arriving over the horizon. The location enabled them to protect the island from invaders.

Tourists hire ‘Il-karozzin’ (a horse-drawn carriage) for a tour around the city. The National Museum of Natural History is situated in Mdina in an eighteenth-century palace. Vilhena Palace also served as a temporary hospital during the 1837 cholera outbreak. The display areas in the museum cover various topics such as Maltese Geology and Palaeontology. Palzzo Falson, the former home of Capt Olof Frederick Gollcher OBE, was a setting for his works of art and antiques. It is a typical two-storey medieval palace fashioned on Sicilian examples of its period. It-Torri tal-Istandard (Tower of the Standard) is a tower in Mdina, forming part of the city’s fortifications. It was built in 1725 to designs of the French military engineer Charles Francois de Mondion. In the 19th century, when the nearby Palazzo Vilhena was used as a sanatorium by the British military, the tower was used to house the porter and other servants of the sanatorium.

Mdina is one of the most beautiful places in Malta. It is surrounded by high bastions on the top of a hill. It is the highest on the island. As soon as I enter the bastions, I enter a beautiful different world with narrow medieval roads, Baroque architecture, palaces, noble houses, convents, chapels and churches. It is my favourite city. I am attracted by its character and I like to go there for its magnificent views.

The Passion of The Christ Review (Blog)

Rating: R (for sequence of violence)
Genre: Drama
Director: Mel Gibson
Written by: Mel Gibson, Benedict Fitzgerald
Actor: Jim Caviezel
In Theatres: 26 March 2004
Duration: 127 Minutes 
Audience Score: 80%
In this movie one can witness the suffering that Jesus went through in his last 12 hours of his life. In the last supper Jesus told his 12 disciples that one of them was going to betray him with a kiss. After supper, they went outside and Peter told Him that he was ready to die for Him. Jesus went to hug Him, at that moment Jesus told him: “before dawn you will deny me three times”.
Judas, one of Jesus disciples  sold Jesus for thirty silver coins, to the soldiers of the High Priest Caiaphas. He told them: “The one I kiss he is the one”.  While Jesus was praying to the Father, down on his knees along with his disciples, Caiaphas’ soldiers came for Jesus. Judas led the soldiers and kissed Jesus.
Pilate asked the people to choose between Jesus and Barrabas. The crowd chose Barrabas. Pilate washed his hands from it and gave Jesus to the crowd. The Roman soldiers had beaten with violence for hours. They even put a crown of thorns, they draped a red cape over Jesus’ shoulders. Jesus was finally crucified on Mount Golgotha.


Idea Generation and Development (Blog)

The Crime Scene – Investigation

At around 7:30pm, the police officers received a very strange phone call at the police station in Florida. An elderly woman had called to report a homicide: she told officer Sanchez that 3 armed robbers entered their house with a knife and stabbed them several times, the line got disconnected. The police managed to trace the phone call, the wife made it just in time to make this phone call before she lost conscious. she was found alive unconscious later on. The address of the elderly people was 223 E. Concord Street, Orlando, Florida. FL 32801.

In 30 minutes they arrived at the location, they had to break the front door of the house. And when they entered they found the most horrifying murder that the street has ever encountered, they found the man named Tom tied up on his chair and stabbed to death 60 times (face, neck, chest, back, feet). Then they found his wife laying down on the floor. She survived the stabs and made it to their bedroom where she was found unconscious with the phone still in hand. The knife was found several blocks away from the scene.

The forensic was investigating the body of Tom (the elderly man). Although he was 60 years old he was not going down easily. He fought back because human skin was found under his finger nails and blood with his teeth, but when they checked the DNA they found that it did match with Tom’s. They found that Tom had bit one of the suspects. When the police searched about Tom, they found out that he was in the military. When the police searched their database for the DNA that the forensic had given them the police were shocked when they found out that one of the suspects was their own son that had stabbed his own parents to death.

Tom was in the French foreign legion, he joined the legion in the early 1939. After 20 years in the French foreign legion, he was elected to a higher rank as a sergeant.

Although the police knew that their son was the one who murdered his father and put his mother in a coma in hospital for nearly 11 months, the police still believed he had 2 other suspects with him. Although Kate survived, she was in a coma for several months, therefore she could not help the officers who were in charge of this investigation.

The police didn’t know where to find the suspects, so they went back to the victims’ house to search for clues, they couldn’t find a thing related to their son but before they were going to leave a small boy called Officer Sanchez who told him that he saw 3 people running away that day in a Classic 967 Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang. Officer Sanchez asked the boy if he saw the Plate Number and the boy replied: “Yes Officer it is NY 48 8W15:04.” The officer thanked the boy and took him to the station with him for a few hours. When they checked the plate, it was registered to Pedro De Alvarado. The address was 3033 Joyce Street, Gulf Shores Alabama.

Several swat teams and 4 helicopters were headed to Alabama to surround the building for the suspects.The suspects were found in an ocean villa.

The 3 suspects were arrested and taken to Florida Police Station for investigation: Officer Sanchez was in charge of this investigation; the suspects were 2 males and 1 female. The names of the suspects were Elina Torres, Pedro Del Salvador and Rodolfo Fierro. Their region is Latin American. In the hide-out they found gold, money and personal things that belonged to the elderly people. The amount they stole was $15,000 in cash, $10,000 on personal things.

Officer Sanchez called for Elina Torres to investigate her, and she told him that Pedro Del Salvador offered both her and Rodolfo $250,000 each to help him murder his parents. Officer Sanchez brought Rodolfo where the investigation of Elina Torres was being held, to check if she was saying the truth. Rodolfo agreed with Elina Torres and said the same thing.

When Officer Sanchez asked Pedro Del Salvador (their son) why he would do such thing, the son said that he hated his parents and he didn’t regret it, as when he was young his mother used to abuse him sexually while his father was at work. HIs father wasn’t there for him when he needed him the most. This is due to the fact that he was in the French foreign legion. Once, his father came home and he spoke to him and told him what his mother did to him. He didn’t believe him not just that, but he told him to pick his things and leave for good and never come back and told him that he didn’t have any sons, and not even to consider them as father and mother.

After hours of Investigations, they took them to court. The 3 suspects didn’t want an advocate. Judge Judy Strickland was in charge of this case. She listened very carefully what they had to say and after hours of deliberating with other judges she finally came out to give the sentence. Judge Strickland gave life in prison without the possibility of parole to the three suspects.

The suspects were sent to ADX Florence Supermax Prison, in Colorado. The most dangerous criminals in the United States are located in this prison. In the prison they made friends and soon after they were part of a gang named El Pistoleros. After 5 years they managed to escape from prison with this gang. 10 of the prisoners managed to escape. After 2 weeks hiding they tried to cross the border to Mexico but were arrested immediately.



Stefan Zahra Blog

 Juan Del Salvador – Gang Leader – Nick name ( Jack The Reaper)

I From Mexico –  but live in Texas.

I am 20 years old (smoke pipe) My favourite Whisky is (James Eadie’s x)

My Favourite Rifle (Lorenz Rifle)

Gang Leader – The reason that I became a Gang Leader is because when I was 7 years old I saw my entire family: my father, mother, brother and sisters, brutally murdered by some dirty Texas sheriffs. I stayed alive because I manage to escape and hid at the wrench in the hay of the horses. Now I am going back to Texas to take my revenge and I am going to kill who ever comes in my way. My goal is to Kill Sheriff Thompson.